• connecting soul & soil

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connecting soul & soil

premium whole leaves

generational family tradition

Formosan Handpicked Teas

Rare Tea for UK Royal Gala

Tea Farmer as the Master

Easy to Hot Brew & Cold Brew

Agra Boutique Social Enterprise & Formosan Farms

To support small tea farmers in Taiwan, Dr. Han founded Agra Boutique Social Enterprise in 2015 and started to collaborate with 15 representative Taiwan teas at the premier quality standard from 15 best Formosan Farms through all the major regions. The single origin family farms keep their traditions in tea plantations and tea processing methods, with an average of five decades, and up to two hundred years of family expertise.

Single origin one tea per farm standard helps give the authentic taste, compared with other blended teas.

These Formosan Farms are selected because they represent the original spirit of tea cultivation along with the specific landscape, soil condition, sunshine and rain, and more importantly, the untold handcrafting secret throughout the time.

Formosan luxury tea delivers seasonality, speciality, originality, and spirit.

Certified Formosan Tea Courses

FARM TO TEACUP courses deliver comprehensive knowledge about eco-friendly small farms in Taiwan, how the tea is farmed and cared, how to distinguish the tea quality, and how to brew and taste the quality of teas.

Supported by the academic research of more than 1,300 tea farms in Taiwan, the courses share the delights of independent small family farms at the highest standard.

With more than 500 participants across Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and London, we also open to whoever in passion to join as one of our certified lecturers. SEND ENQUIRY: info@formosanfarms.com

Formosan Independent Family Tea Farms