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Four Seasons Premium Leaves/ Winter Warm Red

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Four Seasons/ Winter Warm Red

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Full-fermented black tea has been believed to warm up to balance the cold season. According to the Chinese tradition, the more fermented the tea, the warmer the body, particularly through your blood system and stomach. 

Throughout the time, full or heavily fermented teas are perfect for women and for men in poor body conditions. It is an advice of the tradition. You might test and feel how your body react.   

6 whole-leaf tea packs of the 3 independent small tea farms

Collections of Whole-leaf teas 

- 3 Full-fermented Black Tea Collections: 

(1) Sun Moon Lake Red Jade whole leaves 15g*1 pack

(2) Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Native Mountain Tea whole leaves 15g*1 pack

(3) Sun Moon Lake Red Rhyme whole leaves 15g*1 pack

- 3 Heavy-fermented One-Brew Red Oolong: Luyeh Taitung Red Oolong whole leaves 3g*3 packs


★ Fair contract & Single origin:Respect & support small tea farms

★ Organic farming & Eco-friendly farm:Pesticide free, herbicide free, chemical free. additives free

★ Healthy & Safe:Organic certified and/ or SGS pesticides non-detected (N.D.)  

★ Varieties of Choices:One-stop collection of 4 single-origin Taiwan small farm handmade teas. Hand-picked, hand-processed, and hand-packed all on the farm. 

★ Environmental-friendly design concept: Paper box with handmade touch feelings and quality paper cover