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London Harrods & Restaurants◢ Cold Brew Experience Set

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Cold Brew Bottle with 4 kinds of Formosan Farms premium tea bgas

(1) Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Pyramid Tea Bags 2.5g*1 pack

(2) Dah Yeh (Big-Leaf) Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags 2.5g*1 pack

(3) Taiwan Native Mountain Tea Pyramid Tea Bags 2.5g*1 pack

(4) Wenshan Baozhong Pyramid Tea Bags 2.5g*1 pack

Paper Box: 9cm*20.5cm*7cm

All whole leaf cut

★ Fair contract & Single origin:Respect & support small tea farms

★ Organic farming & Eco-friendly farm:Pesticide free, herbicide free, chemical free. additives free

★ Healthy & Safe:Organic certified and/ or SGS pesticides non-detected (N.D.)  

★ Varieties of Choices:One-stop collection of 3 single-origin Taiwan small farm handmade teas. Hand-picked, hand-processed, and hand-packed all on the farm. 

★ Environmental-friendly design concept: Paper box with handmade touch feelings and quality paper cover