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Daily Health/ Native Mountain Tea/ Inhibitor for Coronavirus

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[180-year-old tea trees] Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Native Mountain Tea


Premium whole-leaf cut in PLA pyramid tea bags/ 12 tea bags per pack

The independent family farm is located in the famous Sun Moon Lake region where the perfect weather and altitude produces this precious tea. Through five generations of family tradition, Mr. Cheng's farm used to serve the Japanese Royal Family this tea, its healing properties kept secret. Now this tea has been tested as the locally grown tea with "theaflavin," an inhibitor for the coronavirus, with a 100% fermentation, which contains more theaflavin (Journal of Medical Virology/ 22nd March, 2020).

**We always use supreme whole leaves and cut it short to fit into the tea bags with the perfect time duration to infuse the short-cut leaves in the bag to make our tea outstanding!

- Sustainably farmed: pesticide free, chemical free, additive free

- Environmentally packaged: PLA disposal pyramid tea bags

- Premium quality: cut from original 1-bud-2-leaf handpicked premium quality whole leaves

- Easy to carry: one pack one tea bag (net weight 2.5g each)

- Easy to cold brew: 2~4 hours with 500ml cold water only

- Over-brew issue free

- Stable post-brewing for one day in the room temperature or 3 days in the fridge