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Immunity Boost Premium Leaves/ Taiwan Native Mountain Tea/ Whole leaves 15g*2 pack

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2 whol-leaf tea packs of the 1 independent small tea farms

The independent family farm is located in the famous Sun Moon Lake region where the perfect weather and altitude produces this precious tea. Through five generations of family tradition, Mr. Cheng's farm used to serve the Japanese Royal Family this tea, its healing properties kept secret. Now this tea has been tested as the locally grown tea with "theaflavin," an inhibitor for the coronavirus, with a 100% fermentation, which contains more theaflavin (Journal of Medical Virology/ 22nd March, 2020).

# Taiwan Native Mountain Tea whole leaves 15g*2 pack

★ Fair contract & Single origin:Respect & support small tea farms

★ Organic farming & Eco-friendly farm:Pesticide free, herbicide free, chemical free. additives free

★ Healthy & Safe:Organic certified and/ or SGS pesticides non-detected (N.D.)  

★ Varieties of Choices:One-stop collection of 1 single-origin Taiwan small farm handmade teas. Hand-picked, hand-processed, and hand-packed all on the farm. 

★ Environmental-friendly design concept: Paper box with handmade touch feelings and quality paper cover